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If we agree, bank accounts containing an overdraft can go through the account exchange service. And if you want an overdraft with your new bank account, talk to us before you start your change. We can tell you if you are eligible for an overdraft based on our credit criteria and credit status. The switch can be made in two ways, one partial or the other: stage 3. Please agree on a change date of at least 7 business days after creating your new account. Note: Large companies and those that are not eligible for Option A may opt for a partial change (option B) If payments are accidentally made to your old account after the switching date, they are automatically redirected or transferred to your new account for an indefinite period. Step two. Fill out a performance account blocking order form to authorize the closure of your old account. I joined my current account provider because of the switching agreement they offered. I was nervous at first about the trial in case the bills and my salary had not been reviewed in time. However, the process went smoothly and lasted only 7 days. All invoice payments have been changed and my salary has passed smoothly on my new account.

Pass your current business account to us and close your business account with your old bank. The transition from your old account to your current account is made within seven business days of your preferential change date (which you indicate on the account change form you signed). In this way, all your debits, permanent orders and invoice payments (only online and by phone) will be transferred to us. The balance of payments exchange guarantee is a guarantee of security for SMEs, small charities and small trusts that change business accounts. All your incoming and outgoing payments will be moved to your new account, but if there are any problems, your bank or real estate credit union will contact you. 3. If you are not sure that we will support the third party`s privileges on your behalf, you should discuss this with us before your change and we can let you know. Please read our terms and conditions for more information about third parties. I changed my main performance account, which I had used for many years and which had created all my permanent debits and orders. The use of the current account switch service was simple, was easy and my new account resumed smoothly where the old one had stopped, which allowed me to enjoy without problem the benefits of a higher interest account.

Make sure you buy, find the account, which is worth changing.