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We apply any service credit against a future payment that will otherwise be owed by you for the cloud product concerned, provided that your account is fully paid without any payment or litigation problems. No refunds or cash value are granted for unused service credits. Service credits are non-transferable and should not be applied to other cloud products. The total maximum service credits applied to an invoice is more than 100% of the amount charged for the cloud product concerned during this billing period (unlike the actual month in which the relevant cloud product was not available). We reserve the right to refuse a service credit if you do not qualify for a service credit. For the purposes of this article, I will only talk about the availability of infrastructure or components. I know we all want to provide real end-to-end availability management, but the road is long and laborious assuming you already have a sophisticated configuration management process. According to Alan Foley, Director of MentPro, you also have an application or business services repository, as well as an application performance management solution. While you`re working on real end-to-end availability, you`ll at least have the ability to create some kind of availability report that can be used as an input to optimize the service level agreements you have with customers. In my experience, the biggest hidden business advantage is that you give the configuration management team valuable feedback in order to mature and seriously improve the information on configuration elements. The information can now be used by all infrastructure and operating services as a « single and reliable version » of the truth. Before you do anything else, start by assigning all the data sources your company has.

This may include, among others, Google Analytics, CRM, CMS, offline data, ad platforms, email automation tools, SMS and push notification platforms, etc. Whether you`re planning to build the data pipeline that will provide high-quality data to your Data Warehouse or purchase it as a service, there`s never any harm in consulting with the experts who have been creating data management systems for years. Service Availability Management provides availability reports for critical systems, databases or services. It calculates availability based on failures detected by system monitoring and compares them to defined availability levels. Unforeseen outages are automatically imported from system monitoring. Scheduled downtimes are automatically imported from the work mode administration. They must be audited and customized by system administrators and confirmed by IT service managers or other superiors before being included in availability reports.