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A mountain of paperwork changes ownership during a real estate transaction. The most important document is the sales contract, that is, the contract that requires the seller to transfer ownership of the property to the buyer in exchange for payment of the purchase price. The point at which the contract is executed depends on your meaning. However, an act requires an additional execution formality that goes beyond a simple signature. Acts must be written and, as a rule, performed in the presence of a witness, whereas, in the case of a company, an act can be performed effectively by two directors or by a director and by the secretary of the company. Specific formulations should also be included above the signature blocks. As in the case of the implementation of an agreement by establishing the common label of a company (see the previous discussion in this section « Execution of agreements », implementation of an agreement by signing in point 127(a) (a) and 127(1) (b): as stated in the section « Execution of Facts » of Torrens Redevelopment Research Pty Ltd/Oakworth Developments Pty Ltd [2008] NSWSC 1096, a board decision alone is not sufficient to give a decision of the Board of Directors executing an act on behalf of a company that expressly confers on a person the power to execute an agreement on behalf of the company under S 126. Any agreement executed in this way by the agent would then be valid. Make sure that the person signing the Agreement has the right to do so, you should check full authority to ensure that it has been executed effectively and that the lawyer who will sign the agreement has the power to do so. Signature pages do not pre-sign signature pages that should not be « presigned » and attached to an agreement.

Instead, the entire agreement should be printed, the pages fixed safely, and then the agreement must be executed. Execution Block Click here to download an execution block for a contract that must be executed by a company without using a common seal signed by its authorized signatory. Parties to an agreement should ensure that they understand: This is a useful guide on how to properly implement the agreements, but if you need help or advice, you can contact LegalVision`s contract attorneys on 1300 544 755 or fill out the form on this page. An example of this type of « executed contract » would be a contract to purchase a large aircraft. This contract is concluded and the aircraft is delivered immediately. An example of a « performance contract » may be a contract with a general contractor for the construction of a house for which work is expected to begin in four months. It is important to understand that, in both cases, once a contract has been signed by all parties, it becomes legal and binding. However, the contract does not indicate how long it will take for the service to be fully executed.

There is only the signing date and the execution date.