• Déc 22, 2020
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Update: Valve has since posted on its forum that the account has been reactivated. That was a month ago. Just over a week ago, the user was unable to log in to Steam and was subsequently informed that the account was deactivated for breach of the Steam subscription agreement, which explicitly states that « you cannot sell or charge others for the right to use your account or transfer your account otherwise. » And after this chain of emails, the ban is permanent. Ars has contacted Valve for a comment and will update the story when we get in touch. What happens if you violate the Steam subscription contract and have a library with games worth close to $2000? As one user has learned, you lose access to all these games. In a subsequent Reddit article, the user states that he or she simply asked « how much someone would pay for a profile-like profile » and that the account was never actually sold or exchanged. However, the intention to sell was clearly there because another item is:`I tried to sell my Steam account on r/gameswap, but that was over a month ago, you can`t even access the item now. What annoys me is that they waited a whole month until last night before disabling my account. They didn`t even email me [to explain why it was disabled, I was disconnected from Steam without warning. The user in question, who has a total of 1,794.52 games $US on his Steam account, decided to ask how much another person could pay for such an account. « Of course, I don`t want anyone to pay $1,800 on my behalf, » the player wrote on Reddit. « I look at the money of course, not the full price, since I bought most of them for sale, but maybe we can come up with some kind of deal…

Of course, if someone registers me, I will remove my credit card information from the account, as well as my friends list. « .