• Avr 11, 2021
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Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code stipulates that the absence of a police inspection of tenants can result in a one-month prison sentence and a 200-point sentence. All terrorist and anti-national elements who rent accommodation under a false identity and falsified documents can be taken with police verification. The city`s Know Your Tenant initiative led homeowners to obtain police verification through their Hawk Eye app after the discovery of search results for criminal activity, terrorist activity and child labour-related incidents. Audit requests are also posted online. Owners must correctly complete a rental examination form available on the website of the police station in their territory. You can also get a copy of this form by visiting the police station. On the website of most police stations, you can download the form. In the capital, Delhi, for example, you must download and complete this application form for the tenant review. To complete the online customer verification form in Pune, click here.

Amit Goenka, National Director, Capital Transactions, Knight Frank India, explains that renting a particular property is the sum of different components. « The first element is the basic rent of the property, which is directly related to its capital value. It is usually 2.5 to 3% of the value of the annual capital and varies depending on the location of the house, » he explains. The second element is the amenities you provide to the tenant. A well-painted house with good fittings and woodwork finds quick customers. Even if your home is fully or partially furnished, it works in your favor, as you can calculate a supplement for it. An owner can do this by visiting the police station near his home. In some cities like Delhi and Nashik, you can also run the task via mobile apps. Check the application form for the client police audit here. For example, the Nashik police have launched an app for the Tenant Verification System, which allows landlords to obtain information about tenants without going to the police station. You can also register on the official website of the police station and request a police check of your tenant. MyGate is the first in India to market a feature called Resident Move In Move Out.

The MC can allow all users to access a digital checklist when entering or extracting. Users can download all the necessary documents (including the police verification form) directly to the app, which the owner can easily access. This function is essential for managing and accessing important documents, as well as for maintaining customer records for more information and cross-checking. You no longer need to go around collecting documents and you can count on the MyGate app to make the moving process simple and fluid. If you want to rent your property to a tenant, but worry about its safety, we have a solution to ensure tranquility. Housing.com has partnered with experts to help homeowners implement the online police setting up with minimal problems.