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c. eliminate removable improvements or remove them from the damage it has caused2. On the side of the naked owner. Must cancel security or mortgage. In the case of rural leases, respect the leases made by the usufruit until the end of the agricultural year. Repayments to usufruit in good cases The disposal or rental of the usufruit would not exempt the usufruit from its obligation to receive the property even if it is no longer in its actual possession. Therefore, usufruit would still be liable for damages that may result from the fault or negligence of the third party to whom he has alienated his rights. In principle, the property of amnia must be returned in the state in which it may be at the time of the cessation of the usufruit, and: 1. The agreement of the parties or the title that gives the usufruit2. In the event of a default, the Civil Code applies – unless the value of the usufruit is reduced or the right of the casting is not affected 1. In the event of a division, the usufruit retains the usufruit of the part assigned to the co-owner concerned2. If the co-owners make a partition without the instruction of the usufruit, it does not matter, and the score binds saidusufructuaryN.B1. Usufruit can use whole real estate – no co-owner owns or has a share in a specific part2.

If Usufructuary buys property, it goes out, because there would be a merger or confusion of rights Neglect or misuse of the property will not erase the usufruit, but may expropriate the usufruit of this property at the request of the naked owner if it inflicts serious injury. Art. 574. If the usufruit contains objects that cannot be used without consumption, usufruit has the right to use them under the obligation to pay their estimated value at the end of the usufruit, if they were valued at the time of delivery. If they have not been assessed, he has the right to return in the same quantity and quality at the time of the adoption of the usufruit, or to pay their current price.