• Sep 11, 2021
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We take appropriate measures to ensure that the recipients of your personal data are subject to confidentiality obligations and we take appropriate measures to ensure that your personal data remains protected in accordance with this Privacy Policy, such as for example. B standard contractual clauses. A copy of these clauses may be requested from DataProtection@service.alibaba.com. . The other fundamental problem with the US-style NDA agreements is that they are not applicable in China. You can also add that the parties to the agreement cannot share the information unnecessarily with other employees, sister companies, subcontractors or third parties. Like an NDA agreement, an NNN agreement should explicitly state how long the receiving party will be bound to the agreement. For example, in my case study, I obtained the exclusivity of my product (for an initial order of 1000 pieces). And the supplier rewarded him.

How would I know? As you know, my case study is public and people taking the course can see my provider`s contacts inside the course. After putting my product and case study on the market, only a few days passed and my supplier contacted me to inform me that they had already received requests from 2 different US sellers. These two people wanted to copy my process (they even used my email templates and the offer forms I offer in my course). The supplier refused to offer my product to these two guys. That`s not to say they can`t go anywhere else, but at least I know I have a reliable and trustworthy supplier. So it`s about finding the right supplier and establishing a relationship with them. You will want to have agreements even after a long relationship, but this is only a real formality and if you have found a trusted supplier, they will respect the agreements and in 95% of cases you will help if you need for example to ask for money (defect or returned goods). 6.5 Alibaba.com may, at any time and in our sole discretion, limit, suspend or terminate the Member`s use of any website(s) without being liable to the Member if Alibaba.com has received an anti-serious notice that the Member has received prior notice of an agreement or obligation with a related company of Alibaba.com, including, but not limited to, Taobao, in violation, Alipay, China Yahoo! and such infringement involves or is reasonably suspected of involving dishonest or fraudulent activities….