• Sep 12, 2021
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High-resolution images are not required during the first submission. When a document is adopted, the editorial team requests high-resolution files suitable for publication. Scientific Reports allows you to publish meeting abstracts before submitting the full article. These abstracts should be attached to the deposit and mentioned in the cover letter of the manuscript. This Directive shall not apply to the gathering of summaries and reports available to the media or published outside the scientific community during the submission and review process. The names of human participants and other HIPAA identifiers must be removed from all sections of the manuscript, including additional information. For the publication of all other information that may lead to the identification of a participant (for example.B. clinical images and videos) must be taken with informed written consent. A statement confirming that informed consent has been collected for the publication of identifying information/images should be included in the Methods section.

Images/videos/identification details whose use by the authors have no special permission must be removed from the manuscript. Please note that the use of colored bars/shapes for the devastation of the eyes/facial area of study participants is not an acceptable means of anonymization. Authors of work describing the structures of biological macromolecules must submit an official validation report from the Worldwide Protein Data Bank (WwPDB). Atomic coordinates and associated experimental data (amplitudes/denses of structural factors for crystal structures or restrictions on NMN structures) must be made available at the request of editorial staff for manuscript analysis, unless they are already available in a publicly accessible and recognized database (protein database, UniProt, nucleic acid database or biological magnetic resonance database). Density maps and coordinates derived from the electron microscope must be deposited with the Electron Microscopy Databank (EMDB). Accessibility in repositories should be identified as « for immediate release upon publication ». If there are no repositories for a particular type of data, authors can deposit and share data on figshare or Dryad, two universal scientific repositories. All manuscripts submitted to a collection are evaluated according to Scientific Reports` standard editorial criteria and are subject to all standard guidelines for periodicals. If it is accepted for publication, the articles will be paid for (with the standard directive on waiver). The threat posed by biological weapons raises the unusual need to assess the risk-benefit balance at the time of publication. Editorial staff may not be the best qualified to make such judgments without assistance and we therefore reserve the right to seek expert advice in cases where we believe concerns may arise.

We recognize the widely held view that openness in science helps to draw society`s attention to potential threats and defend against it, and we assume that very rarely (if at all) are the risks perceived as the benefits of publishing a document that, moreover, was deemed appropriate for scientific reports.. . .