• Sep 15, 2021
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The agreement between Ontario`s Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development and Wilfrid Laurier University to outline the university`s unique role in the province`s postsecondary education system. This section recognizes the unique role played by institutions in their contributions to their communities and economic development, as well as in developing dynamic partnerships with business, industry, community members and other universities. It focuses on regional clusters, tailor-made training, entrepreneurial activities, jobs, community revitalization efforts, international cooperation, students, partnerships with Aboriginal institutes and a range of programs that respond to local, regional and beyond needs. Ontario`s colleges and universities will put students first by providing all qualified learners with the best possible learning experience in an affordable and financially sustainable manner and ensuring quality and globally competitive outcomes for Ontario students and the economy. Waterloo Lutheran Seminary (the « seminary ») was Laurier`s founding institution. The seminary was founded in 1911 as an Evangelical Lutheran seminary, which later became waterloo Lutheran University and included the seminary. Wilfrid Laurier University was founded in 1973 by an Act of the Ontario Legislature, becoming a federal college of the university. Under the Wilfrid Laurier University Act of 1973, the seminary does not have the power to award degrees except in theology and its power to award degrees in theology is suspended and suspended during the period during which the seminary is linked to the university. Partnerships are the foundation on which many of Laurier`s international initiatives can take place. Laurier shares exchange agreements with more than 70 partner institutions in more than 25 countries for reciprocal student mobility purposes. One of Laurier`s most recent partnerships is the agreement with the University of Sussex, which allows students to take a BA at Laurier and an LLB in Sussex.

During the duration of this ADM, Laurier will continue to pursue three broad aspirations stemming from our institutional mandate: the ministry and the university recognize that financial sustainability and accountability are essential to fulfill institutional mandates and achieve Ontario`s vision for the post-post-union education system. To this end, it is agreed that: Laurier`s leadership in the field of social entrepreneurship and the social innovation program will be recognized externally. In 2016, Laurier was recognized as the second Canadian university nominated by Ashoka U. to the Changemaker campus. . . .