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Give us basic information about the owners, management and purpose of your business. We then insert this information into a standard status or business contract model for your business. Once we have concluded your company status or agreement, we will send them to you by email. You can then print it out and keep it with your business datasets. Unfortunately, incorporate.com cannot provide you with legal advice when developing your corporate statuses or agreements and you should consult a lawyer if you need legal advice. While each company has defined specific rules and regulations in its statutes, the typical statutes contain the following information: There are 2 main documents that are important to LLCs and Corporations after their creation. The first is the constituent document, either the statutes (for a company) or the constitution (for an LLC). The second important document is the company`s internal governance document, either the statutes (for companies) or the enterprise agreement (for LC), which defines the basic operating processes for the company. Liabilit Limitedy Company adopt what is known as an operating contract. These are similar to statutes, but since LCs are less formalized than companies, the enterprise agreement tends to cover more areas of activity and ask questions like: No, you have options. For example, incorporate.com may submit an operating contract for your business, regardless of the state in which you founded your LLC. For a service cost of $99, we provide you with an enterprise agreement based on the specific information you provide.

We store this document in your CSCNavigator account® and we will send you an email if it is ready. It is also important to understand that, although they serve a similar purpose, enterprise agreements deviate slightly from a company`s statutes. Enterprise agreements tend to detail positions than a company`s statutes would. Among a number of other details are the rules of the company in general: A typical enterprise agreement may contain the following information: If you operate a multi-member unit (with more than one owner), an enterprise agreement helps to avoid any misunderstandings and minimize conflicts that may arise by establishing clear rules and expectations about each member`s roles. If your business is a single LLC member (you are the sole owner), a business agreement can help legitimize your business by adding a certain degree of credibility.