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3.5 It is the tenant`s responsibility to notify the company of the times or times the scaffolding structure or structures, weighings or other materials that make up scaffolding structures can be dismantled. 3.2 The company and its designated subcontractor exercise all the diligence and attention necessary to ensure that the facility is appropriate, sufficient and appropriate for contractual purposes and that, where the facility is fully constructed, it is appropriate; the structure or structures must, from time to time, comply with the existing legislation and codes of conduct regarding the construction of scaffolding and the building rules associated with them. 1.1 Under these circumstances, the following meanings are: the tenant: the person, the company, the company or the public body that engages the work of the company; The company: each member of the Admiral Scaffolding Group Ltd. the contract: a lease of the factory for the lease time specified in this offer, including the conditions provided for it; The designated subcontractor: a company to which the contract for the delivery of work for the execution of the work is awarded. delivery point: any location agreed between the company and Demhirer where the delivery of the installation must be made on condition 3; Installation: scaffolding materials delivered to the delivery point and built by the company; The rental period: the rental period beginning with the company`s rebate and ending on the date the tenant completed his activity. 5.3 All variation work performed by the company at the request of the lessor, if not billed individually in advance of the work and subject to a contractual agreement, is billed at the company`s standard rate. If a copy of this copy is not provided with this offer, the tenant must request a copy from the company. 9.1 Subject to paragraph 9.2 below, if the performance of the contract is delayed outside the proper control of the company, including, but not only, because of God`s actions, administrative acts, loss or degradation due to fire, civil unrest, disobedience, civil actions (but nascent) lockout. » Any strike or other labour dispute or other labour dispute or delay on the part of other contractors or other employees, or the inability or delay to ensure the safety of these employees or equipment necessary for the proper performance of the contract, the company will inform the tenant in writing at such an event and will decide on a fair and reasonable period of time for the performance of the contract. because they are about scaffolding. The parties.

4.1 The tenant uses the structure or structures in all respects at his own risk and frees the company from any claim, damage and cost resulting from the use of the structure or structures, unless these claims, damages and costs are due to the negligence of the business, so that the company is liable for these claims and compensates the tenant for those rights. , damages and costs, provided the owner informs the business in writing, within 14 days, of the claim, damages or alleged costs. 11.2.2 in case of manual delivery on the day of delivery; 11.2.3 in case of transmission by email or fax one working day before 4 p.m., at the time of transmission and, moreover, the next business day. 7.1. The provisions below show the Total Financial Responsibility of the Company (including any liability for the actions or omissions of its employees, agents and subcontractors) to the tenant with respect to: 6.8 In the event of a late payment of the tenant, the company reserves the right to reserve to the tenant 7 days until the situation is resolved. 6.9 If the tenant is in late payment, all of the tenant`s claims owed to the company are fully due. 3.7 The tenant grants an irrevocable licence to the company or its designated subcontractor, its representatives and employees, at any appropriate time, to enter all premises where the facility is stored or can be stored to inspect the facility or, if the contract has been terminated, recover the facility.