• Avr 12, 2021
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Stress is described in the agreement as « a condition accompanied by physical, psychological or social disorders or dysfunctions, and which is due to the fact that people do not feel able to meet the demands or expectations imposed on them. » Identifying a work-related stress problem may include an analysis of factors such as work organization and processes, working conditions and environment, communication and subjective factors. Signs can be high rates of absenteeism or staff turnover, frequent interpersonal conflicts, or worker complaints. On the day of the formal signing of the Employment Stress Agreement, the signatories issued a joint statement in which they welcomed the agreement: « Stress is a concern for both employers and employees. About 28% of workers in the European Union report work-related stress each year. The agreement we signed today aims to address these issues in order to improve the well-being of workers and improve the efficiency of businesses. There are English words that can be nouns or verbs, depending on their stress. As a name, they have the stress of the 1st syllable; as verbs, they are emphasized on the 2nd syllable. Although not implemented by a directive (as in the case of previous EU-level inter-professional agreements on parental leave, part-time and fixed-term work), the new agreement will provide a framework within which employers can work with workers and their representatives to prevent, identify and combat workplace stress (TN0111109S). Implementation seems to be the right approach through the procedures and practices of the individual Member States, since stress management at work is an issue that needs to be dealt with differently depending on the specific needs of different organisations and their workers. (Andrea Broughton, IRS) For a few words, native English speakers don`t always « agree » on where to put stress. For example, some people say teleVIsion and others say TELevision. Another example is: CONtroversy and conTROversy.

With regard to composite nods, the emphasis is on the first part. After five years after signing, if one of them requests it, the signatory parties will evaluate and review the agreement. The agreement does not infringe on the right of the social partners to conclude, at the appropriate level, agreements to adapt or complete this agreement.