• Avr 14, 2021
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The agreement would give conservative churches, which leave $25 million, to establish their own denomination. The clergymen who leave would keep their pensions in the Methodist Church. « It`s exciting for me, » said Jan Lawrence, who participated in the minutes consultations as director of the Reconciling Ministries Network. « The potential to remove anti-LGBTQ language in 2020 is amazing, and the agreement to start a moratorium two days ago is very positive for LGBTQ Methodists. » Once the agreement is written in more detail, it must be approved when the name meets at its world conference in Minneapolis in May. The initial reaction of some Conservatives and Liberals after the announcement indicates that their adoption is likely. Several groups are expected to re-propose different split plans at the UMC general conference in May, but under the new agreement, they will abandon the proposals and use their full support for the reconciliation and pardon protocol announced friday by the separation. Will Willimon, a professor of Christian service practice at Duke Divinity School and a bishop at the United Methodist Church, said in a written statement that the agreement shows that United Methodists « are not prepared to stay in touch with other Christians with whom we disagree » and that they like their « responsibility for themes » more than the continuation of confession. But members of the unofficial group of leaders who wrote and signed the agreement, which was announced on Friday, January 3, say their proposal is the only one that includes representatives of all the theological views within the Church as well as clergymen from across the world. It is also signed by the outgoing and future presidents of the United Methodist Council of Bishops.

Jan Lawrence, executive director of the Reconciling Ministries Network, also negotiated and signed the agreement, which has long stried to lift restrictions on LGBTQ participation in the faith. The agreement, signed by 16 church leaders on both sides of the debate, would allow same-sex marriage in the Methodist Church and gay clerics to serve openly. « It`s not all we would have hoped for, but we think it`s a good deal that pulls us out of the decades-long conflict and allows us to focus positively on the ministry, » said Tom Lambrecht, vice president of Good News, one of the conservative groups. Complete communion agreements mean that we recognize, in the churches of the other, that the Gospel is rightly preached, that the sacraments are properly managed, and that the service of the clergy is organized in such a way as to allow an orderly exchange between us of some ordained clergymen, as stipulated in the agreement between the unified Methodist Church and each of the denominations with which we are in full communion. , is defined. (RNS) – Bishops and leaders of a number of Methodist groups have announced a draft agreement to divide the Methodist Church. Representatives of traditionalist, centrist and progressive lobby groups joined a handful of bishops from the United States, Africa, Europe and the Philippines to reach the agreement.