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« Dinabandhu Mondal v. Laxmi Rani Mondal » (decided on 17-06-2019) stated that it was not essential for the « validity of a deed of donation » that it be registered by the donor himself. After the death of the donor, any subsequent registration of a deed of gift is not contrary to u/s 123 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882. The transmission must be free from unacceptable influence, coercion, fear or threat. It should be clearly established from the gift that the transferor clearly intends to do so, and the transfer is voluntary. The gift to be given may be transferable and must be transferable to well-defined tangible or intangible property, movable and immovable property. Insofar as the registration of the deed of gift has not been completed, the property is not transferred to the gift in the event of a gift of immobile. During registration and post-registration, a certificate is required by two witnesses and the transmission of the title is possible. Born in the act or money of a gift can save your wife or money.

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